Tandoori Bistro Tandoori Bistro offers truly authentic Tandoori cuisine. All of our high quality meats and vegetables are roasted on skewers in a traditional tandoori clay oven and marinated in Indian yogurt and complex spices unique to each dish. Our preparation guarantees all meat and chicken to be moist and flavorful, but not the list bit fatty or greasy. Because of the process, all vegetables prepared in the oven retain their flavor while the heat roasts them to perfection. All Tandoori dishes come complete with rice and a house salad. Our homemade Naan, also prepared in our specialty ovens, is always fresh, comes in a variety of flavors, like garlic, pesto, and rosemary, and are all priced under $3.00. With no minimum amount for delivery or even a delivery fee, you can order online until 9:30pm. Located in San Jose, we know we’ll provide you with an irrefutable Indian food experience. Order Online Payment Options